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No one is beyond the reach of Christ. Jesus grab who He wants, when He wants, and uses them for His glory.


August 2, 2020
Acts 8 shows us how the church continues to spread the gospel even while scattered. Church looks different right now. It's scattered. Some are doing drive-in church, some online, and…
Jonathan Knox continues our series in the book of Acts with the sermon and death of Stephen. Chapter 7 is the beginning of the gospel traveling from Jerusalem to the…

From God, Not Man

July 19, 2020
The message of Jesus is a public message not a private one. We are commanded to go and proclaim. As we proclaim many will be saved, healed, and delivered. However,…

Filled or Quenched?

July 12, 2020
What does it look like to be filled with the Holy Spirit? What does it look like to resist or quench the Holy Spirit? This sermon tries to answer these…
In Acts 3 & 4 Peter tells the Jewish leaders the name of Jesus has power. In Acts 4:12 Peter anchors us to a foundational truth. Salvation is found in…

Marks of the Spirit

June 28, 2020
When the Spirit comes upon a people it leaves it's mark. Marks of the spirit look like power, purity, revelation, and unity.

A Promise Kept

June 21, 2020
In the Old Testament God promised a fuller outpouring of His Spirit. Jesus promised His disciples a Comforter and told them to go to Jerusalem and wait for the promised…

Blessed Trinity

June 14, 2020
Do you ever feel disconnected from the God of the Bible? Do you ever read and wonder if there is a link between the lives of the early church fathers…
The wisdom of man cannot discern all the purpose's of God. Our duty is to praise the purpose we do not understand.

The temptation of our culture is to put our trust in laws and political leaders. Only Jesus brings justice to and unjust world.
Time haunts us. Why? Because we are all running out of it. Only Jesus can redeem our time and all of our activities under the sun. Jesus stepped out of…
In chapter 2 of Ecclesiastes Solomon reminds us of the frustrating pursuit of pleasure and possessions.
The world is often frustrating. It can feel mundane and meaningless. Jesus comes to give us hope, joy, and peace in life under the sun. Everything is shot through with…

Jesus is the Good Shepherd who lays His life down for the sheep. Follow Him.
Jesus does not declare 'I am a door.' Jesus says, 'I AM the Door.'
Paul concludes his letter to Timothy by telling him to fight the good fight of faith. It is a reminder to all of us that we are in a war…
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