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March 21, 2021
The answer to envy is praise and thanksgiving.
The second half of the Lord's prayer shifts from the Lord's attributes (His name, His kingdom, HIs will) to our needs being filled by His name, His kingdom, His will.…

The Lord’s Prayer

March 7, 2021
The first half of the Lord's prayer directs us to focus on His name, His kingdom, and His will. 

Spiritual Disciplines

February 28, 2021
Spiritual disciplines are habits we adhere to such as, church attendance, giving, prayer, and fasting to promote spiritual health. In our message Jesus lays before us the importance of giving,…
Disciples of Christ are marked by their truthfulness and response to injustice. 
It is not your love that will sustain your marriage, it is your marriage that will sustain your love. 
In this sermon Jesus goes right after our hearts. He is not only warning against sinful actions but also sinful attitudes. 
This sermon address Jesus' view of Scripture. The word of God is without mixture of error, therefore, it is trustworthy and authoritative.