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In this sermon Jesus goes right after our hearts. He is not only warning against sinful actions but also sinful attitudes. 
This sermon address Jesus' view of Scripture. The word of God is without mixture of error, therefore, it is trustworthy and authoritative. 

Delight in the Lord

January 3, 2021
Augustine called the sermon on the mount 'the greatest sermon every preached by the greatest preacher who every lived. The first 12 verses of the sermon are called the Beatitudes.…

Advent Week 4: Peace

December 20, 2020
God wooed the magi to Bethlehem with a star and turned wizards into worshippers. After Bethlehem they no longer looked to the heavens for answers. They found the answer. His…

Advent: Great Joy

December 13, 2020
Life is full of deep sorrow and great joy. Keep your eyes on Jesus, the author of our faith., who for the joy set before Him endured the cross. 

Advent: God is Love

December 6, 2020
God is love. God is also Spirit. God is also light. When we pursue understanding of who God is, we enter into the fulness of His joy. 

Thanksgiving Watch Party

November 22, 2020
We have many reasons to be thankful.
Philadelphia was church that had a high view of God's holiness and took the Great Commission. Philadelphia was a church of 'little power' which means you do not have to…
Death has never been an obstacle for Jesus. What is impossible with man is possible with God. It the kingdom of God there is resurrection.