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Jesus is better. Jesus is better than Abraham, Moses, the Law, and the old covenant. Salvation is the free gift of God that you and I cannot earn. We are…
God is faithful even when we are faithless. God keeps covenant with us when we are wicked, wayward, and prodigals. Moses's prayer was walk with us even when we are…

Covenant Signs

January 13, 2019
Covenant is a union between two people who are tethered together by promise and obligation. Over the next several weeks we will look at three different types of covenants. Our…

Advent Week 4: Love

December 23, 2018
Fill in the blank: 'God of loves me if I_____________' 'God loves me when I __________________' God loves you even if you feel guilty. God loves you when you are…

Advent Week 3: Joy

December 16, 2018
Joy often comes at the end of sacrifice. What are you willing to endure today to find your joy tomorrow?

Advent Week 2: Peace

December 9, 2018
Peace is not the absence of conflict it is the presence of God. The angels heralded to the shepherds that there was something more glorious to see in Bethlehem, something…

Advent Week 1: Hope

December 2, 2018
The season of Christmas lulls us into a false hope. Every Christmas movie ends with a white Christmas, families coming together, the Grinch's heart growing, and the town coming together…

The Gospel of Grace

November 25, 2018
Where there is life there is mess. Jesus is comfortable with our messiness. He was born in a barn in the middle of our mess. The people that loved Jesus…


November 18, 2018
This sermon takes a look at the turbulent religious environment the future pilgrims were living in in the old world. And why they risked everything to make a new life…
Jacob was not a first generation believer like his grandfather Abraham. He does not have the testimony of his father Isaac. Jacob was born in the Promised Land but left…